MRI Research Amsterdam UMC

Oliver Gurney-Champion

Assistant professor

Dr. O.J. Gurney-Champion is an Assistant Professor and, together with his team of technical and clinical researchers, he develops and improves (quantitative) MRI techniques for personalizing treatment in tumour patients at Amsterdam UMC. Such imaging biomarkers allow us to assess tumour properties such as perfusion, cell density, elastic properties and oxygenation. This information helps us determine the best personalized treatment option. He works closely with radiologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, and other health care professionals to provide clinicians with the best quality quantitative MRI for this purpose.

During his studies (Physics), dr. Gurney-Champion developed the technical insight and tools needed for developing new MRI techniques. In 2016, he obtained his PhD at Amsterdam UMC on “MRI of pancreatic cancer for radiotherapy purposes”, during which he became an expert on quantitative imaging and initiated the development of IVIM-DWI scanning. During his Postdoc, at the Institute of Cancer Research, a world-leading cancer research centre, he became an expert on deep learning for quantitative MRI.

Since 2020, dr. Gurney-Champion is an assistant professor in the MRI Research Amsterdam Team, where he performs research on quantitative MRI, and teaches about imaging physics, and AI for imaging. In 2021 he was awarded the CCA grant, followed by the KWF young-investigator grant in 2022 and a VIDI grant in 2023, all for developing advanced qMRI techniques in the liver, esophagus and head and neck region. In 2021 also, a TKI-LSH was obtained as a co-applicant (PI: Dr. Nederveen) on the development of DCE MRI to help with endovascular treatment and follow-up of abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Dr. Gurney-Champion teaches various classes at BSc and MSc level, to students from Physics, Biomedical Technology and Physics, and Medische Informatiekunde. He is the course coordinator and, together with Matthan Caan, the main lecturer for “Deep Learning for Medical Imaging”. He also lectures on the “Advanced MRI”, “Image Acquisition and Processing” and “Personalized Imaging” courses. As an examiner for the Physics, Biomedical Technology and Physics and Artificial Intelligence study programs, he supervises a lot of BSc and MSc students throughout the year.