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Eric Schrauben

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Eric M. Schrauben, PhD received his Medical Physics MSc (2012) and PhD (2015) degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His PhD focused on developing technologies and methods to improved 4D flow MRI in neurovascular diseases such as stroke and MS. From 2015-2016, he worked as an industry-sponsored (Siemens Healthcare) post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Auckland in New Zealand under Prof. Alistair Young, developing new methods related to cardiac tagging MRI. He then moved to the Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto from 2017-2020, working under Prof. Christopher Macgowan as a post-doctoral research fellow on MRI developments for fast fetal cardiac and flow MRI. Since 2020 he has worked in the MRI physics research group at the Amsterdam UMC. His role now serves as technical support for MRI research projects, including pulse sequence programming and image reconstruction for 4D flow MRI, 3D CINE bSSFP, MR elastography, and dynamic contrast enhanced MRI. These projects include quantitative cancer imaging of the pancreas and tongue (speech imaging), aortic assessment in Marfan syndrome patients, and rapid whole-heart imaging for interventional MRI.

AUMC grants and projects: 
– 2020-2022: ASAP (MR elastography) to characterize tumor microenvironment, including perfusion, diffusion and hypoxia, using MRI
– 2021-2023: van Ooij VIDI grant on comprehensive assessment of 4D thoracic aorta biomechanics using novel cardiac MRI technology
– 2022-2024: SIGNET (, EU consortium to improve on MR image-guided therapies
– 2023-present: co-authored a grant from the Open Technology Program of NWO for improved anatomical and flow MRI for the detection of congenital heart disease in fetuses.

Google scholar:
ORCID: 0000-0002-7922-3615