MRI Research Amsterdam UMC

Gastrointestinal MRI

With cinematic MRI (a.k.a. cine-MRI, dynamic MRI and 4D MRI) of the gastrointestinal tract we can assess the function of the gastrointestinal tract in a non-invasive way. Tailored acquisition and post-processing techniques are required to assess the function of different parts of the gastrointestinal tracts (stomach, small bowel and colon).

Using acceleration techniques we work on speeding-up the MRI acquisitions to acquire 4D MRI scans with a high enough temporal and spatial resolution to be able to capture the movement of the small bowels in 3D MRI movies. 

Using clever post-processing techniques, e.g. artificial intelligence, we can acquired metrics reflecting the function of the small bowel, like motility (movement of the bowel).