MRI Research Amsterdam UMC

Jules Laurent Nelissen

Medical Imaging & ICT Expert, Senior Research Staff

Jules Laurent Nelissen (Maastricht, 1985) studied Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven. He graduated in the Biomedical NMR group of prof. Klaas Nicolay, and prof. Gustav Strijkers on the topic of ultra-short echo time MR imaging of mouse myocardial fibrosis. During his MSc-track he was awarded with the dr. E. Dekker Dutch Heart Foundation grant to perform an internship at the Image Science Division of St. Thomas’ Hospital at King’s College London under the supervision of dr. Markus Henningsson and prof. René Botnar on fat suppressed coronary artery vessel wall MRI.

In 2012, he started a PhD in the Center for Imaging Research & Education (CIRE) lab of the Eindhoven University of Technology & Philips Research at the High Tech Campus (HTC, Eindhoven) on the topic of advanced MR imaging and elastography techniques for diagnosis and understanding of pressure ulcer related deep tissue injury (Promotor: prof. Klaas Nicolay & prof. Gustav Strijkers). For the development of the MR elastography hardware concepts, MR elastography sequences, and inversion methods he visited the lab of prof. Ralph Sinkus in the Image Science Division of St. Thomas’ Hospital at King’s College London.

Since 2018 he is appointed at the Radiology &Nuclear Medicine department of Amsterdam UMC as Medical Imaging & ICT expert with the mission to develop and apply innovative techniques for state-of-the-art acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and visualization of medical imaging data. Ongoing projects focus on clinical implementation of AI algorithms, High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, MR Elastography, and Interventional MRI.