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Pim van Ooij

Assistant professor

Dr. ir. Pim van Ooij received his Biomedical Engineering MSc degree from the University of Technology Eindhoven in 2007 and his PhD on phase contrast MRI in intracranial aneurysms from the University of Amsterdam in 2012. In his PhD project he developed techniques to process 4D flow MRI data and compare those with computational fluid dynamics in intracranial aneurysms. After that he was awarded a two-year postdoctoral grant of the American heart Association to develop tools to create hemodynamic atlases and heat maps from 4D flow MRI data of the aorta in the group of Prof. Michael Markl at Northwestern University, Chicago.

An abstract he wrote on this subject was chosen as one of the top 5 abstracts (out of ±5000 abstracts) of the ISMRM 2017 in Honolulu which led to a plenary presentation. He continued this work at the Amsterdam University Medical Center and received a HTSM NWO grant as co-applicant (PI: Prof. Aart Nederveen) to work on accelerated 4D flow MRI imaging (two PhD students) for the heart, aorta, carotids and circle of Willis. Furthermore, he received as co-applicant an innovation grant from the AMC to implement whole-heart 4D flow MRI in the clinic (PI: Dr. Nils Planken, one PhD student). In 2020, Dr. van Ooij was awarded a VIDI grant from NWO to develop novel cardiac MRI technology to investigate 4D thoracic aorta biomechanics in patients with Marfan syndrome (one PhD-student, one Post-doc) which was followed up in 2021 by an in-house grant for an extra PhD-student on this subject. In 2021 a TKI-LSH was obtained as co-applicant (PI: Dr. Nederveen) on the development of 4D flow MRI-derived parameters than can help with endovascular treatment and follow-up of abdominal aortic aneurysms. In 2022 he received a grant from the Open Technology Program of NWO for improved anatomical and flow MRI for the detection of congenital heart disease in fetuses.

Dr. ir. van Ooij has written a chapter on 4D flow MRI and on the use of machine learning for thoracic 4D flow MRI. He has 57 Pubmed entries, >20 oral presentations at international conferences for which the abstracts won several ISMRM awards and 12 invited (educational) talks for conferences such as ISMRM, SCMR, ESMRMB and the 4D flow workshop. He is a deputy editor for Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and has reviewed >75 papers for journals such as JACC Cardiovasc. Imaging, IEEE Trans Med Imaging, J Cardiovasc Magn Reson and Magn Reson in Medicine. He has helped to organize the ISMRM Benelux (Roosendaal 2011), the ISMRM workshop on Quantitative MR flow (San Francisco 2016) and the ISMRM (2021, 2022, 2023). He has been the president of the works council of AMR Research BV (2018-2020) and works partime in the University Medical Center Utrecht on fetal CMR (2020-present).


Cardiovascular MRI