MRI Research Amsterdam UMC


We are hosting a large group of bachelor and master students in and outside Amsterdam. Students studying physics, medical physics, medical natural sciences, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and neighboring disciplines are welcome in our group. As a team we drive, facilitate, and educate high-quality MR research to develop tools for clinical use and the improvement of human health and healthcare. We are very keen to make students part of our creative learning environment ensuring personal growth and development of interests towards becoming a recognized researcher. Opportunities for projects exist across in all research lines, and we encourage students to reach out to senior researchers to explore potential project options. It is also possible to get in touch with the group via

Examples of current and past projects are: 

  • analysis of T2 values during muscle exercise 
  • analysis of fMRI data obtained before and after a drug challenge 
  • image segmentation using neural networks -optimization and development of cardiac MR sequences 
  • use of AI and in image reconstruction and scan acceleration