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AUMC PROUD is an MRI scanner software patch enabling
PROspective Undersampling in Multiple Dimensions on a cartesian k-space grid.

This combines the flexibility of performing accelerated / undersampled acquisitions with the robustness of cartesian k-space trajectories. The AUMC PROUD patch is available for Philips MR systems running on R5.4.1 or higher. Instead of hard coded trajectories, the patch loads the trajectory from an input file which can be stored locally and attached permanently to specific MR protocols for clinical research purposes.

The AUMC PROUD patch is compatible with 2D and 3D TFE & TSE cartesian k-space sequences, and has advanced functionalities for retrospectively gated cardiac sequences (e.g. 4D Flow).
The patch is compatible with off-line reconstruction in Philips Recon 2.0 or MRecon (Gyrotools).

Current team
Bram Coolen, PhD
Matthan Caan, PhD
Eric Schrauben, PhD
Erik Akkerman, PhD
Bobby Runderkamp, MSc (7T)
Lukas Gottwald, PhD (Philips)
Pim van Ooij, PhD

Former developers
Eva Peper, PhD
Wouter Potters, PhD
Qinwei Zhang, PhD
Maarten Versluis, PhD (Philips)

This software is for research purposes only and not meant for clinical use. The software will only be shared with sites who have a research agreement with Philips for the use of software patches.
For collaborations concerning use of the AUMC PROUD patch, please email:
Use of the PROUD patch will be subject to our ‘Terms of Agreement‘.

Publications using PROUD

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Research team