MRI Research Amsterdam UMC

Josien Douw – van den Noort

Head of Research Imaging Core Center (RICC)

My main interests are musculoskeletal imaging, clinical movement analysis and clinical implementation of research methods and technologies.

Current work experience:
Since 2016, I work as biomedical engineer, researcher and research coordinator at MIQC, Amsterdam UMC, location Academic Medical Center, dept radiology and nuclear medicine. MIQC stands for Medical Imaging Quantification Center, and aims to implement advanced musculoskeletal imaging in clinical practice.
Since 2012, I worked as postdoc researcher at the Amsterdam UMC, location VU medical center, dept. rehabilitation medicine, in the field of biomechanics and rehabilitation. I am still involved in several projects in this field at the VUmc.

Past work experience:
In 2007, I received my MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente in Enschede.
In 2011, I received my PhD degree at the VU medical center in Amsterdam, department of rehabilitation medicine. During my PhD, I investigated the applications of ambulatory movement analysis systems (inertial sensors and instrumented force shoes) in clinical motor function assessment in children with cerebral palsy and adults with knee osteoarthritis.
I also worked at the University of Melbourne in Australia (2010) on a project about musculoskeletal modeling in patellofemoral arthritis.
In 2013-2014 I worked at the University of Twente as a postdoc researcher on a project about applications of an inertial and magnetic system to measure hand dynamics.


Muscle MRI