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Cristina Lavini

MR physicist

Dr. Cristina Lavini (MRI physicist)

Cristina Lavini is a physicist who works for the University of Amsterdam/ Amsterdam University Medical Center as MRI safety expert and researcher.

Her main research interest is in pharmacokinetic modelling for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI for applications in cancer and inflammatory diseases. Her heuristic approach to the processing of DCE MRI data based on the Time Intensity Curve (TIC) shape analysis has found broad application in the assessment of a number of diseases in the Musculoskeletal system. She is the author of the software DYNAMO for DCE MRI analysis, now part of a larger package (AutoMeTIC) developed within the Medical Imaging Quantification Center.

While her research have spanned from MR Spectroscopy, Diffusion weighted Imaging and fMRI,  recently her interest moved  in the assessment of  the accuracy and reproducibility of quantitative MRI biomarkers, and into the safety of Gadolinium as contrast agent for MRI. She is an active member of the RSNA QIBA (Quantitative Biomarker Alliance) work group on DCE-MRI biomarkers, and a member of the ESMRMB- GREC (Gadolinium Research and Education Consortium). As a member of NVKF (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klinische Fysica) she contributed to the development of Dutch National MRI safety guidelines for patient with implants

She have authored an co-authored about 70 peer reviewed publications, have regularly presented at  international conferences such as ISMRM and ESMRMB, and is a regular reviewer for JMRI, MRI, EJR and NBM.


Cristina has an MSc degree in Physics from the University of Trieste (Italy), a music degree from the Conservatorium of Venice, an MPhil degree in Medical Physics from University College London and a PhD degree in Medicine from the University of Amsterdam.