MRI Research Amsterdam UMC

UvA Data Science Center Accelerate Program 2021

To obtain and maintain a leading position in the highly competitive field of (inter)national AI research in healthcare, Amsterdam UMC and Data Science Centre (DSC) will work together on the implementation of state-of-the-art AI-infrastructure.

The goal of this project is to create an infrastructure to standardize and advance deployment of (in-house developed) AI-based image analysis algorithms at the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, either for routine patient workup or (clinical) research. The DSC data engineer will develop optimized, fast and effortless communication between the clinical and research AI infrastructure to enable development, validation and clinical deployment of AI-based image analysis. The work will be performed in close collaboration between Amsterdam UMC and UvA AI-research groups to ensure consensus on the arrangement, standardization and structure of the data, to ensure optimal data use in subsequent research.

The DSC aims to enhance the university‚Äôs research by developing, sharing and applying data science methods and technologies. Through its Accelerate Programme, the DSC will support faculties as they pursue data driven research and stimulate the hiring of data scientists and engineers. The programme is not only intended to facilitate knowledge exchange throughout the university, but also incentivize the integration of these roles into existing research activity.