MRI Research Amsterdam UMC

B-TRANS: Brain imaging as a translational resource from molecule to behavior

TEAM: Linda Douw, Anouk Schrantee, Bram Coolen, Daphne Naessens, Elsmarieke van de Giessen, Laura Jonkman, Menno Schoonheim, Natalia Goriounova, Arjan Hillebrand, Petra Pouwels, Dorien Maas

The B-TRANS project aims to unravel how brain cells control behavior by integrating data from different measurement techniques, bridging gaps between brain imaging and cellular research. Focusing on common brain disorder markers like myelin abnormalities and communication imbalances, we will study these at cellular and whole-brain levels in rats and human tissue. By analyzing brain imaging alongside cellular findings, we hope to improve preclinical study design and enhance the understanding of clinical imaging results. Ultimately, this could lead to more effective treatments for neurological conditions.