MRI Research Amsterdam UMC

AI infrastructure for Amsterdam UMC

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enormous potential to transform healthcare in the coming years. It is expected that AI will improve quality of care through e.g. increased diagnostic accuracy, improved treatment selection, and personalized interventions. These would lead to improved performance and efficiency and thereby, reduced healthcare costs. Thedevelopment and deployment of AI-based analysis for healthcare is one of the priorities of Amsterdam UMC.

In the application of AI to healthcare data, medical imaging has a leading role with the highest number of developed and certified AI software solutions. However, to apply (novel) AI software in clinical practice on a wide-scale, availability of the facilitating infrastructure is of utmost importance. In agreement with this, Amsterdam UMC currently supports an AI-infrastructure innovation project at the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. The goal of this project is to bring AI to the clinical specialists through standardizing and advancing deployment of AI-based software, either for routine patient workup or (clinical) research. In this ongoing infrastructure project, our focus is on applications concerning AI-based reconstruction and analysis of radiology images.